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Travel Assistance Plan is designed to protect you against unforeseen events while travelling. It protects you against flight cancellation, medical emergency, emergency accommodations or vehicle accidents.

Eligibility and Coverage

  Individuals and families from 0 to 80 years old may avail.

Additional Covid Coverage for individuals and families ages 0-65 years old available for International Travel only.

Coverage will start 24 hours before the date of departure and 24 hours after arrival date.

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* Please make sure that you are not travelling in, to or through a country or area where Philippine Government has issued a "DO NOT TRAVEL" warning *Note: You may choose multiple destinations

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Flight Assistance Benefit

Flight Delay

covers the expenses for meals, tours and accommodation in the event the trip is delayed at least six(6) hours.

Trip Cancellation

covers to pay the unused and non-refundable portion of travel, accommodation expenses and tours in case that the insured can no longer proceed with the trip due to unforeseen events indicated in the policy.

Missed Connecting Flight

covers the reimbursement of the expenses incurred due to acts of nature or intervention by the Authorities up to the limit indicated in the policy during the trip.

Baggage Delay

covers the expenses for the purchases of the basic clothing and toiletries in case of the delay of the luggage during the trip minimum of six(6) hours.

Baggage Loss / Damage Airline and other items in safekeeping of a common carrier

covers for loss, stolen or damaged baggage of the insured incurred during the trip indicated in the plan.

Loss of Travel Documents

covers the cost to replace the new Passport or documents as well as the accommodation expenses indicated in the policy.

Trip Curtailment

covers the expenses of the unused portion of the tour or accommodation if the trip needs to be terminated due to the unavoidable events indicated in the policy.

Aircraft Hijack

covers to pay the insured to the delay or interruption (minimum of 12 hours waiting period maximum 10 days as a result of aircraft hijacking.

Medical Assistance Benefit

Hospital Income

covers to pay the assured of a fixed amount indicated in the plan for each day of confinement minimum of 18 hours.

Medical and Hospitalization Expenses

including follow-up treatment covers the payment of hospital expenses in case of medical emergencies during the trip up to the limit indicated in the policy.

Delivery of Medicines

covers the delivery of the medicines prescribed urgently by a doctor to the insured during the trip.

Emergency and Accidental Dental Expenses

covers the necessary emergency dental treatment of the insured during the trip.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

covers the necessary arrangements for the insured's transport or repatriation of mortal remains to the usual country of residence during the trip in case of death.

Arrangement for Funeral Assistance

provides financial assistance for funeral expenses of the insured's family due to insured's death caused by accident up to the limit indicated in the policy.

Medical Evacuation or Repatriation

covers to pay the transfer or repatriation of the insured to a properly equipped health center or to his/her usual place of residence.

Compassionate Visit

covers the expenses for the transfer of a person chosen by the insured from the usual country of residence in the event that the insured is hospitalized as an in-patient for more than five(5) consecutive days as a result of injury or sickness during the period of the trip.

Other Benefits

Assistance of Bail Bond Payment

It covers to advance funds on behalf of the insured up to the policy limit.

Personal Liability

It covers the damages and expenses incurred by the insured for bodily injury and property to third parties.

Personal Accident and Disablement

It covers any accidental injuries or death suffered by the insured during the travel.

Child Guard

It covers the expenses for the economy round trip transfer of one immediate family member, having the same country of residence as the insured, to look after the minor during the trip should the insured be hospitalized for more than five (5) consecutive days or is deceased, and accompanied by a minor during the event and if no adult accompanies said minor.

Advance of Money

It covers the assistance to arrange to forward cash up to the limit indicated in the plan in the event of the robbery, loss or stolen of cash or credit cards and accidents.

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