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Be covered when you need medical emergency care and hospitalization at an affordable price!

ER Protect

Emergency care coverage for as low as PhP925.00 per year.

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Our ER Protect offers emergency care to you, your loved ones or your employees. Simply present your Etiqa virtual card in the smile PH App, and the expenses incurred will be taken care of. This also provides assistance for accidental death and dismemberment. Get protection from the urgent financial needs during an emergency. Apply now!

Eligibility and Coverage

  Individuals from 2-70 years old can be covered.

  Apply online for as low as PhP 925.

  Coverage includes:

Up to PhP 50,000 outpatient emergency care coverage consumable within a year with surgical expenses and ambulance service benefits. Plus room and board in case of confinement, inclusive of other inpatient accommodations like food and general nursing services

 Up to PhP 25,000 Accidental death and dismemberment benefit.

  One-time payment with one year of consumable coverage.

 The benefits shall be paid on top of the PhilHealth coverage and/or other insurance policies.

Subject to the Limitations and Exclusions stated on the Policy Specification Page. (Click to view Limitations and Exclusions.)

Guaranteed Coverage

Room, Board, and General Nursing Services Daily Benefit

Pays for the customary hospital charges after emergency care such as room and board, food, and general nursing services, except for special nursing services.Payment for room and board is determined by multiplying the room and board daily rate by the number of days for which the insured was confined.

Outpatient Benefit

Pays for emergency treatment and/or an emergency dose of anti-rabies, anti-venom, and/or anti-tetanus in a hospital, even if the insured is not for confinement.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit

Pays the percentage of the amount of the insurance for sustained accidental injuries within one hundred eighty (180) days after the date of the accident.

Ambulance Service Benefit

Pays for the expenses of emergency ambulance service.

Surgical Expenses Benefit

Pays for the emergency surgical operation,even if no hospital confinement is involved,provided that a legally qualified surgeon performs the surgery.

Special Hospital Services Benefit

Pays for the prescribed medical supplies and services furnished by the hospital,such as the operating room, treatment room,doctor's fee, laboratory/diagnostic examinations, and all other expenses directly related to the medical management of an Emergency case.


Note: Availment of hospitalization reimbursement for the ER Protect benefit has a waiting period of seven (7) days from the effective date of this Policy or the Insured's coverage, whichever is later. There will be no coverage during the seven (7) - day waiting period.


How to Apply

(ER)Emergency Room Availment Guide

Conveniently avail in just two(2) easy steps.

Step 1

Present your ER Protect Virtual Card to the ER staff.

Step 2

ER staff calls Etiqa Medical Information Center (MIC) for verification and approval of all laboratory/ diagnostic procedures and admission, if applicable.

How to Pay

Choose your preferred payment method for your convenience.

Credit Card Payment

Use any credit card to pay.

Valid for straight payments only.

Philippine ATM Card

Use any Philippines issued ATM card.

Valid for straight payments only.


Go to the nearest accredited payment facility.

Valid for cash payments only.


Use you G-Cash account to pay online.

Valid for straight payments only.

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